belly fat diet

8 Belly fat diet recipes food to lose belly fat

Belly fat diet recipes food to lose belly fat

8 Belly fat diet recipes to lose belly fat

One of the problems that many faces and affect negatively on many things in life is the emergence in the abdomen or other rumen as a result of the accumulation of excessive amounts of unhealthy fats or taking things not useful to the body with the increase and enlargement of the size of fat cells in this region and often the rumen accompanied by an increase In general weight. so I will tell you about 8 Belly fat diet recipes food to lose belly fat.

 There are a variety of solutions to overcome this rumen by diet and sports with patience and perseverance a journey of a thousand miles start with one step is due to bad eating habits and excessive eating on the need at irregular times, and also excessive intake of starches in addition to the lack of exercise, Imported milk. And what may be hard to believe is that even to make a kilo of white cheese low-fat Quraish, we need 14 liters of milk, and each kilo of powder milk needs much more,

The body does not respond to all fats in the same way as cracking, there are saturated fat, meat, dairy products, and viscous fat.

Monounsaturated fats are the ones that get rid of the body faster and easier.

These fats include olive oil, avocados, and omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts, sunflower seeds, and fatty fish such as salmon.

It is good to eat these foods that maintain health in general, and if we say good health means a healthy body and free of problems.

Now we are moving to Belly fat diet recipes foods to lose belly fat

Herbs and plants to dissolve abdominal fat…

 Gymnema (Gurmar) :

8 Belly fat diet recipes to lose belly fat
Of the Indian herbs that treat the margarine and act as a diuretic and rid the body of excess water, which contains a lot of toxins, and the leaves of Jormar helps digestion and stimulate and fill the appetite and desire to eat sugars at the time of dieting.

 Ginger :

Ginger - burner belly fat
Ginger is included in Belly fat diet recipes food for slimming and also in the dishes for the taste of tart and adds flavor to the magnificence of ginger and there are several recipes for slimming.

 The recipe of ginger and vinegar:

Three tablespoons of ginger.

  • – A big spoon of water and rose.
  • – Two tablespoons of apple vinegar.
  • – Mix ingredients together and paint the places to be reduced.
  • – Ginseng:

The vast majority of people do not know what this plant and its benefits and works to reduce weight and improve memory and increase the activity of the body to exercise and give metabolism stimulation to supply the body energy.

Oregano :

Origano - burner belly fat
Oregano is a strong antioxidant and effective plants for weight loss, and works to maintain the digestive system and be healthy and work properly, it works at levels of serotonin and helps to clean the body of excess waste from the body, and all these properties and promote weight loss and protect against problems Swelling and constipation. Increasing the level of serotonin improves your mood, leading to weight loss, and increasing serotonin levels helps decrease overall appetite.

Green tea :

Green tea - belly fat diet recipes

Green tea helps reduce weight, especially belly fat because it contains antioxidants. You should drink a cup of tea daily before exercising to reduce your ideal weight.
are you try to use red tea detox to reduce belly fat ?? if you want to know how to use red tea detox ?? visit:

Sage :

Sage - belly fat diet recipes

The sage of sage is very useful in cooking and gives a wonderful taste of dishes and has an effective effect to reduce blood sugar and blood pressure and anxiety because some of the problems of the body are related to weight and help to moderate level of sugar and pressure and also helps to reduce the stress in the body and advised a lot to take sage pressure or sugar Or slimming.

Mint :

Mint - belly fat diets recipes

Peppermint helps to get rid of abdominal gases and also helps in slimming by adding a tablespoon of honey with mint leaves and is used to get rid of abdominal fat.

Cinnamon (Cannelle) :

Cinnamon (Cannelle) - belly fat diets recipes

A spoonful of good herbs for slimming with a text of a spoon of cinnamon powder in water with a tablespoon of honey and eat before breakfast and before going to sleep.

Correct diet :

Correct diet - belly fat diets recipes

Reducing belly fat depends on eating 80% correct, having a healthy and balanced diet that requires you to skip fast food and stomach, which contains high calories. Eat homemade food, and replace fast food with fresh fruits and vegetables. watch this video to know how to do that?

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