belly fat problems

Causes of belly fat at the body

Causes of belly fat at the body

What causes belly fat and how to get rid of it ?
Belly fat

Of the stubborn problems facing most people belly fat, and to get rid of the problem of belly fat should know the causes belly fat and then how to get rid of them.

what Causes of belly fat :

  •  Cortisol is primarily responsible for the accumulation of fat in the stomach when your body feels any kind of stress and tension is secreted, which leads to a change in metabolism and the collection of fat in the middle of the body.
  • Malnutrition is the leading cause of fat accumulation in the abdomen, including processed foods, desserts, and fast food.
  •  Do not take enough magnesium, and is responsible for about 300 functions of the body, including reducing the proportion of insulin in the blood and burning fat faster.
  •  The lack of exercise may be a major cause of fat accumulation in the abdomen.
  • Your addiction to soft drinks also leads to abdominal fat accumulation.
  • Entering the stage of menopause after the age of forty leads to the difficulty to get rid of fat in the abdomen specifically.

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    Solutions to getting rid of belly fat :

    •   You have to get rid of tension in various ways and most notably get enough sleep because during sleep the body uses fat as an energy source.
    • Spinach, fruits and vegetables, zinc and omega-3 foods, and bitter chocolate are recommended for your dishes as they balance your cortisol body secretion.
    • To get rid of fat you have to eat, but good fats, of course, which are unsaturated, such as walnuts, olive oil, and avocados that lead to fullness.
    •  Get the most magnesium you need from eating green vegetables, bananas, and soybeans.
    • For the desired result you will need intensive and periodic exercise to burn more fat.
    •  Reduce the intake of soft drinks, even calorie-free.

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