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6 new deadline causes of belly fat

what causes of belly fat in men and women?

causes of belly fat in females and males

Scientists classify obesity as a serious and silent disease, at a time of increasing scientific evidence day after day on the relationship between them and the diseases of causes of belly fat in females and males.

BERLIN: In a discovery that opens the prospect of an alternative treatment that limits the progression of diseases caused by obesity and diabetes, scientists have found a strong link between abdominal fat and other body diseases, stressing that belly fat carries a protein that infiltrates the blood, Disorders in the work of body organs.

Because of this, about 3 million people die annually at the global level causes of belly fat by complications of obesity and diabetes, according to WHO estimates. Scientific evidence is increasing day after day on the close link between obesity, diabetes, heart disease and circulatory system and its complications.

Obesity and human health

Obesity and human health
Obesity and human health

German scientists are now talking about an important discovery that promises a new treatment for obesity risks to human health. The German Diabetes Center has circulated a press report that scientists have revealed the secret of the risk of abdominal fat to the health of patients, especially those suffering from diabetes.

The report says researchers have detected a specific protein causes of abdominal fat that interferes with glucose metabolism, raises the body’s resistance to insulin and triggers dysfunction in the liver.

Fat protein causes of belly fat in females and males

What is important in this protein is that it infiltrates the belly fat into the blood of the owners of obesity, and contributes to this picture in the exacerbation of other diseases in the liver, heart, kidneys and other vital organs.

This report opens the prospect of seeking alternative treatment to stop the progression of diseases caused by obesity and diabetes, according to the German Center for Obesity. The report will be published soon in the Diabetes Journal.

“Rumen” heart problem causes of belly fat in females and males

It is known that the German campaign on German cholesterol day (June 24 of each year) raises since last year the slogan “heavy crushing on the heart.”

The risk of obesity is high for the heart as the size of the abdomen increased to 88 cm for women and 102 cm for men. The goal of the “Heartbreaking Crush” campaign, launched in Germany last June, is aimed at both health and fitness.

Professor Alfred Vert, of the Society of German Obesity, said that the external fat (belly) reveals the risk of heart and circulatory symptoms on the human, but it is necessary to raise awareness of the risk of “internal fat” as well.

The rumen shortens your age

He warned that “internal rumen” is no less dangerous than “external rumen” in exposing people to the risks of high blood pressure, diabetes and disorder of lipid metabolism. A belly that exceeds 102 cm can shorten the life of its owner by about 5-7 years.

Protein causes the person to be exposed to serious diseases

The researchers found that the Wingless-type signaling pathway protein-1 (WISP1), which is responsible for abdominal fat, exacerbates the health status of obese people. This effect directly affects the work of insulin in the muscles and in the liver and leads to increased resistance of the human body to this hormone.

Other scientific studies have suggested that WISP1 is responsible for other serious diseases such as osteoporosis and the emergence of a number of cancers and lung fibrosis.

Tina Horbelt, of the German Diabetes Center in Dusseldorf, said the study suggests that the WISP1 protein count in large amounts of abdominal fat cells is responsible for the disruption of glucose metabolism in obese people.

The study found a direct relationship between the high level of WISP1 in the body and high blood glucose. It also showed that the protein raises Hämoxygenase-1 (HO-1) levels in the blood, an enzyme that scientists have shown to trigger the chronic inflammation of the obese.

Cause hypoxia causes of belly fat in females and males

The increased secretion of WISP1 in fat cells in the abdomen can be explained by the lack of oxygen that reaches these fat cells, according to Dr. Olga Pivovarova of the German Nutrition Institute in Potsdam.

As the accumulation of fat in the abdomen leads to a lack of blood to the fat cells in the outer abdomen … It is known that the spread of blood in thick fat is less than the spread in other tissues, which means that it does not contain enough oxygen.

Pivoruna added that future research would focus on the search for drugs that inhibit WISP1 action on muscles and liver. However, reaching this stage will require further research that may take years.

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