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best 5 things to get rid of belly fat

How to get rid of belly fat?

How to get rid of belly fat

We must never neglect the importance and necessity of sports or even walk continuously daily or exercise for ten minutes to an hour to help your body to be healthy and also if you want to get rid of belly fat and weight in any area of your body or the entire body. In this article, we will focus all our attention on abdominal slimming and how best to do it?

There are several forms of body fat :

There is the so-called body pear, the fat mass in the buttocks or the lower part of the body.
There is the shape of the apple, which is the fat mass in the abdomen and middle.
And “rumen” not only causes appearance and aesthetic problems, but the accumulation of fat in the abdomen increases the chances of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The fat of the rumen does not remain in its place.
But the researchers found that rumen fatsare like living organs, they release hormones and harmful substances on the body, fat rumen breaks easily into fatty acids then transmitted to the liver,

Causing a significant increase in LDL cholesterol

In addition, rumen fats affect the sensitivity of the hormone insulin, which leads to the accumulation of sugar and fat in the bloodstream, which in turn leads to diabetes and heart disease.
The rumen affects men more than women, which explains why the incidence of heart disease is higher in men.

The best ways to get rid of belly fat

The pattern of fat accumulation in the body varies from person to person.
This is due to the different genes, sex, and many other factors.
When you gain excess fat, it is not evenly distributed throughout the body.

Conversely, when losing body fat, a person may lose fat first
From the face or from the chest, and the remaining abdominal area is the last place to lose fat.

A simple analogy to the abdominal fat loss process is like a pool discharge.
Imagine a swimming pool on two levels for children (shallow) and for adults (deep)
When the water is removed from this pool, the deep area remains the last area of water, until all the water is removed.

But for most men, fat accumulates first on the abdomen and then on the rest of the body.

So the issue is simply that you have to get rid of belly fat until we get to the belly

Patience here is the key, as for the beginning of the emergence of abdominal muscles (sex buck) be at the proportion of fat 12% in men and 20% in women
As mentioned above, it is not possible to target belly fat locally, this is impossible.

There is a common western-style (the attractive belly is made in the kitchen and not in the gym).
That is, eating a healthy diet and eating fewer calories than you need is the most appropriate way to burn belly fat.

Another way to lose belly fat overnight – is to get a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown that people who have a good sleep pattern are less likely to accumulate belly fat. The condition sleep apnoea can occur in those with a high level of visceral fat and this is a distressing and potentially dangerous condition where the sufferer stops breathing during the night.

All you have to do to lose fat rumen :

 get rid of belly fat

  • Pay attention to healthy food and attention to the number of calories entering your body. A healthy body system and a good diet should be organized.
  •  Some exercise for weight loss.
  • When you reach the loss of fat the whole body with it will lower abdominal fat and you can then reduce your abdomen.
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